Contact Lenses Las Vegas NV

Contact lens exams and fittings in Las Vegas NV

Contact lenses Las Vegas NV

Contact lenses Las Vegas NV

Contact lenses provide a more natural vision than eyeglasses. They also allow you to preserve your facial appearance with no alterations. Our contact lenses in Las Vegas NV are available in both soft and rigid gas permeable. Furthermore, we do contact lens exams and fittings, to ensure that your experience wearing them is as positive as possible.

Soft contact lenses come in a variety of types to suit your needs. There are daily wear, which can be kept in all day and then removed before bed so you can clean and prepare them for the next day. Extended wear lenses can be kept in overnight, giving you more flexibility in how you wear them. Disposables give you the convenience of not having to clean them. You simply wear them once and then discard them. Nothing could be easier. And with color-changing, our contact lenses in Las Vegas NV go beyond vision correction, letting you indulge your fun side with a whole new eye color. You can even wear them with no prescription in them at all; just as a fashion accessory. With all those possibilities, why even consider rigid gas permeable? Well, although they require more time to get used to, they are the most beneficial for severe nearsighted and astigmatism. They also provide sharper and clearer vision than soft lenses do. And with bifocal and multifocal options, we have everything you require with our contact lenses in Las Vegas NV. A contact lens exam and fitting is done first to check the parts of your eyes that touch the lenses: the corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids. We want to put the odds in your favor to avoid irritation or infections when you wear them. Fittings make certain that your contacts are comfortable and that they are sitting in the ideal position to give you maximum vision correction.

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