Eye exam in Las Vegas

Eye Exam in Las Vegas

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Diabetic eye examinations in Las Vegas

Eye exam in Las Vegas
Eye exam in Las Vegas

Our diabetic eye examinations here at the office of Dr. Paul Thompson are designed to detect the presence of an ocular disease called diabetic retinopathy, which can develop and progress as a consequence of having either type one or type two diabetes. This condition can cause irreversible damage to your retinal blood vessels and vision loss that might not be able to be recovered. It’s essential to detect and treat the situation in a timely manner, which is most easily done with our eye exam in Las Vegas annually.

Elevated blood sugar is bad for your health in many ways. If you have been diagnosed as diabetic, you probably are already well aware of that. Its effect on your eyes can lead to the blood flow to your eyes becoming completely blocked. As with all of the most common eye diseases, you cannot depend on noticeable symptoms to alert you to the fact that you need attention from an eye professional; at least not in the early stages. What this means is that while your eyes are being harmed, you will be completely unaware. The onset of symptoms is typically an indication that diabetic retinopathy has reached an advanced stage. This is why you should come in for our eye exam in Las Vegas once per year. It will allow our optometrist to detect diabetic retinopathy before it can result in serious harm. Treatments can range from simply getting your blood sugar under control with the help of your primary doctor to laser surgery to repair hemorrhaging that is caused by enlarged blood vessels in your eyes. No matter what, following recommendations on diet, exercise, and medication is a strategy you should embrace.

Everyone should get our eye exam in Las Vegas once per year, but it is even more important if you have diabetes. Contact our office to schedule yours right now.

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