Eyeglasses in Las Vegas

Eyeglasses in Las Vegas

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Eyeglass Lenses in Las Vegas

When you need prescription eyeglasses, you not only have to choose the frames that best suit you, but you’ll also need to decide what type of lenses you want. Although not everyone is aware, there are many different eyeglass lenses to choose from. The best eyeglasses in Las Vegas for you will be based on many factors.

There is such a wide array of eyeglass lenses to choose from; you’re certain to find ones that meet your individual needs. Some of the choices include: progressives, high index plastic, polycarbonate, trivex aspheric, and photochromic. Due to the numerous options, making a decision could be overwhelming. However, if you go to a quality practice like ours, our lens professionals can help you to select the lenses for your eyeglasses in Las Vegas that best suit your needs. If you prefer flatter and slimmer lenses, High Index Plastic eyeglass lenses and aspheric would be good options. If you need more than one type of vision correction, bifocals or trifocals may be good options. However, they do have a noticeable line separating the lens powers. Progressive lenses have many lens powers just like bifocals and trifocals but they don’t have the noticeable lines. Progressives allow you to look in all directions and see clearly. You can look down to read, look ahead of you to see nearby objects clearly and can look straight ahead and see objects across the room clearly. Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are two very good options if safety is high on your priority list. Polycarbonate lenses are considered to be the standard lenses for safety. They are impact-resistant, are very light in weight & offer UV protection. They are used to make children’s eyewear, sports eyewear and safety goggles. Trivex lenses are also light-weight, thin and more impact-resistant than regular glasses & offer UV protection. If have light sensitivity, Photochromic lenses would be a great choice. They’re clear when you wear them indoors and they automatically darken when you wear them outside.

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