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Las Vegas Kids Optometrist

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Kids eye exams in Las Vegas

Infants and children constantly visit their pediatricians, but the majority of infants and preschoolers have not had a comprehensive eye examination. Eye care professionals like our Las Vegas kids optometrist Dr. Paul Thompson, OD stress that since good vision is extremely important to learning and development a child’s eyes should be examined by a trained specialist in order to evaluate structural development in the infant and any vision problems in the preschooler. The age of six months is actually the ideal time for an infant’s first eye examination.

When it comes to examining an infant’s eyes our Las Vegas kids optometrist will test the response of the pupils to ensure that they open and close properly in the presence and absence of light. The doctor will also check that the baby can fixate on an object and then follow it as it moves and then test their ability for preferential looking to assess their vision capabilities. Once the child has reached preschool age it is important to determine just how well they can see and to rule out any vision or eye conditions so they can fully participate in school with clear, sharp vision necessary for learning. The good news is that our doctor can perform a full comprehensive eye examination on preschoolers, our instruments can be calibrated to accommodate young eyes and even if the child can’t identify letters on an eye chart our doctor will switch to familiar symbols such as apples and stars. Using random dot tests (stereopsis) the doctor can determine how well the child’s two eyes perform as a team.

There are many eye conditions that are first diagnosed among young children. Besides nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism our Las Vegas kids optometrist will be looking for signs of several other conditions during the examination. Among the eye disorders associated with children are: amblyopia, commonly referred to as lazy eye, which is a decrease in the vision of one or both eyes, strabismus a congenital misalignment of the eye, as well as convergence insufficiency, which is an inability to keep the eyes comfortably aligned during reading or other close vision tasks, problems with focusing when changing from distance to near vision and vice versa, and eye teaming problems that can cause issues with depth perception and coordination. If you have a young child don’t wait to have one of the most important parts of their body checked by a qualified expert, ensure their vision by bringing them into our office for a comprehensive eye examination.

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