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Contact Lens Exams and Fittings in Las Vegas

Eye health can often go overlooked, but annual exams and checkups are needed – especially if you wear contacts. Contact lens wearers are highly encouraged to have their eyes and their prescription checked once a year. That way, your prescription is always up to date and any changes in your eye health are noted. Here at our Las Vegas optometry office, Dr. Paul Thompson can take care of all your contact lens related needs while making sure that your vision is always at its best.

Dr. Paul Thompson’s Central Las Vegas office is located in the Walmart Vision Center at Charleston & Decatur, and we aim to be your one-stop optical shop. Offering comprehensive eye exams, vision screenings, contact lens exams and fittings and more, we have a wide range of services and products that can satisfy the community’s constant optical needs. Making sure that your eyes are healthy is vital, and annual exams are highly recommended. For people who wear contacts, annual exams are often scheduled before you can resupply your lenses. We do this to make sure that your prescription hasn’t changed and to make sure that your eyes can still support contact lenses. Some conditions can make wearing contact lenses difficult or even impossible, such is the case with eye infections, corneal scarring, and other such concerns. Additionally, since contacts rest directly on your eyes, it’s important to make sure they fit well and are up to date. Even the smallest change in your prescription strength can make a difference.

Some of the other services that Dr. Thompson offers at our Las Vegas optometry office include comprehensive eye exams, cataract co-management, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma and macular degeneration testing, treatment of pink eye and other eye infections, red eye evaluation, foreign body removal and more. To set up your visit with Dr. Paul Thompson, just call or visit the Walmart Vision Center at Charleston & Decatur.

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