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Pink Eye Treatment

Here at the office of Dr. Paul Thompson, one of the most common reasons that patients visit us seeking treatment is because they are suffering from pink eye. Fortunately, our Las Vegas pink eye treatment is known to be of the highest quality in the area. Pink eye, which is technically known as conjunctivitis, is characterized by an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the membrane that lines in the inside of your eyelid and is responsible for covering the white part of your eye. When the blood vessels in this area of the eye are inflamed due to conjunctivitis, they become more visible than they usually are as a result, which is what leads to the pink or red color in the white part of your eye. Pink eye can be the result of a bacterial or viral infection, or it can be the result of an allergic reaction.10890834_xl

In some cases, pink eye is contagious, and when it is contagious it is very contagious, so it is always best to visit Dr. Thompson for our Las Vegas pink eye treatment at the first sign of pink eye. You may be wondering: what exactly are the signs of pink eye, except for your eyes being pink, of course? Symptoms other than redness of the eyes, include: itchiness in one or both of your eyes, a gritty feeling in one or both of your eyes, the release of a discharge from one or both of your eyes that leaves a crust when you wake up, sometimes preventing you from opening your eyes, and excessive tearing from one or both of your eyes. As you can see, pink eye can be quite uncomfortable. Our Las Vegas pink eye treatment aims to relieve this discomfort, and keep you from passing it on to anyone else.

If you are looking to learn more about our Las Vegas pink eye treatment, or any of the other various treatments that Dr. Thompson has to offer, we encourage you to visit our practice’s main website to read on about topics similar to these. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like addressed by a member of our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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