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Las Vegas Eye Exam

Eye strain in Las Vegas

Las Vegas eye exam

Las Vegas eye exam

Your eye health is just as high a priority for our optometrist, Dr. Paul Thompson, as is your optimal vision. We recommend our Las Vegas eye exam once per year in order to support the goal of keeping your eyes in a high state of well-being and your eyesight as sharp and clear as possible. However, there may be times that you are experiencing symptoms between regular annual exams. When that happens, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment. Just some examples of why you may want to make a visit to our optical store include blurry vision, eye redness, eye itchiness, floaters, headaches, sudden vision loss, and eye strain.

Noticing that you have a concern, or something isn’t quite right, you may be tempted to just ignore it and hope it goes away. We urge you to not do that. You are experiencing a symptom and there is a reason for it. What that reason is can vary and certain signs can be indications of more than one eye disease, condition, or refraction disorder. What is most important is to book our Las Vegas eye exam so that you can find out. Difficulties such as these tend to grow worse, not better. And the longer you wait, the more likely that a simple issue, something that could be easily treated, will turn into something more complex and possibly even result in vision loss or eye damage, either of which might not be reversible.

Blurry vision can be a sign of a great many potential problems, but it’s never a good thing. Eye redness and itchiness could be conjunctivitis (pink eye) or it could be dry eye syndrome. Floaters are spots that appear in your field of vision and are associated with several different eye diseases. Headaches and eyestrain will most commonly reflect a need for new or updated eyeglasses or contact lenses, since it means you’re not seeing as well as you should be and you’re having to struggle, leading to the symptoms. But you should not assume that. And any sudden vision loss should be checked out right away at Las Vegas eye exam┬áso that it can be stopped, if possible.

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