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Digital Refracting System

At our office, we use the Marco TRS-6100 which is the latest technology to determine prescriptions. Although technology has changed in the last few years, many optometry offices are still using technology based on the prototype from the 1950s. These older phoropters are difficult to clean and dust gets in between the lenses which can make it difficult to determine small differences in lens changes. The newer digital phoropter that we use is controlled by a specialized computer keypad which reduces chance of human error and can electronically transfer your prescription into the electronic health record. They also allow the doctor to show you options (1 or 2) at the same time making it easier to determine differences. The digital phoropter that we use is an enclosed system so it is easy to clean and the lenses are free from dust.

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4505 W. Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 822-2202

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